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Which Is The Best Registry Cleaner For 2012?

A registry cleaner is a software utility which is designed to remove the unneeded, undesired and repeated registry entries from the Windows Registry. The sole purpose of using a registry cleaning program is to maintain the stability, performance, accuracy and reliability of Microsoft Windows. A lot of people are, therefore, looking for the best registry cleaner in 2011.

A computer with Microsoft Windows operating system should have a registry cleaner product installed in order to prevent irreversible damage to the system and to experience greater performance and keep the stability of the system.

It is important thing that the features that such a software provides should be useful, easy and secure to use. A clear picture of the best registry cleaner for the year 2011 will stand before your eyes after you study the hallmarks of what type of feature does it provide. Let us discuss few technical points in an easy and understandable language.

Removes Junk Entries

The word Junk stands for the worthless material that is to be disposed of. When you use your computer for performing any type of work, the registry is constantly accessed. Almost all the installed software and your operating system itself use the registry for performing various kinds of operations. Many a times, the programs do not their self remove the registry entries which they no longer needs. This brings in our understanding the need of a registry cleaning product to remove the registry junk.

Removes Misleading Registry Values

A registry value may said to be misleading when it causes an error or an exception in the runtime of a program or the operating system. If the operating system assumed outdated information in the registry to be true like directory and file paths that no longer exist, many operations may result in an error message, unexpected termination of the session or the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). BSOD is one of the critical problems.

The best registry cleaner in this year shall be able to accurately find and remove such outdated, incorrect and misleading information from the registry.

Registry Defragmenter

It does not make sense when a product does not provide a co-related feature if they are based on the same hypothesis on what the first feature is based on. Likewise, the best registry cleaner program for 2011 should be able to defrag Windows registry as well in addition to cleaning and fixing the registry.

The registry defragmentation process is of the same importance like the registry cleaning process. Frequent access to registry causes it to be fragmented and thereby slowing down the processes performed by your operating system and the installed software. Having a registry defragmenter feature will help users boost up the system performance to a great extent.

Disk Cleaner

The disk cleaning feature should not be regarded as out of the expectations of a registry cleaning product.

It is a confusing and time consuming task to find and delete such unnecessary files from your computer. In addition to such files, there are other privacy items, like the websites login information and filled form data which should also be removed.

Startup Manager

There are registry hives having stored the strings of the programs that run each and every time your computer is started. Loading too many programs at the system startup freezes your system or slows it down. Using Best Registry Cleaner for the year 2011, you shall be able to leave only those programs enabled which are really important to start at the Windows startup.

Schedule Registry Cleanup Task

Best Registry Cleaner in 2011 shall have a scheduler that performs registry cleanup task on a convenient time period that the user specifies. There are two types of schedules. The former performs the task on a specified day and time, whereas the latter performs the task when your computer starts up.

Rescue Facility

Rescue means free from harm or evil. In other words, it enables the user to backup the state of his registry before doing any modification so that he can recover it in unfavourable situations. Best Registry Cleaner in 2011 shall have the registry backup and restore facility.

Which would be the Best Registry Cleaner of the Year 2011?

After studying all the features thoroughly, I came to a conclusion that Best Registry Cleaner of 2011 would be RegInOut.

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